EVOLVE EP (2016)


In 2016 the Planet Earth continued to suffer whilst the population were sidetracked by the pantomime of politics.

Britain voted to leave the EU, distracting us all from the discussion around the governments increasingly unpalatable Austerity programme. Brazil and South Korea both impeached their president's, whilst an intervention on Facebook saw Turkish troops fail to overthrow theirs despite his increasingly authoritarian approach. And lets not forget that Russian operatives caused turmoil in the US election by hacking emails and releasing them to WikiLeaks.

Sadly, far out of sight of the circus of mainstream political life, Hospitals were routinely bombed in Syria, Sudan dropped chemical weapons on its own people, and state-sanctioned violence and mass killings by vigilantes in the Phillipines lead to over 6,000 deaths in the name of the President's self-styled "War on Drugs".

The Evolve EP looks at the world around us through the eyes of those who remain unnoticed and unreported, yet face life or death situations every day. Themes include climate change, corruption, injustice, and power.

Musically you can expect straight up rock n roll with a melodic rhythm section, rippin’ guitars, and powerful vocals.

Every download comes with a digital lyric book including all the words and stunning images, alongside pictures & quotes.

HOLD ON EP (2014)


4 friends who's played music together forever took a short break to do adult things before realizing in 2013 that music was just about the only thing that kept them sane. 1 in Five was born and the Hold On EP was released the following year.

The number of unique users visiting YouTube every month had now reached 1 billion for the first time, and with it came the explosion of the internet conspiracy theorist. Wars in South Sudan, Syria, Iraq and other oil rich countries continued. And a man who once had sex with a dead pig was now the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Hold On tells stories about the world as it was, and in many cases still is. The EP is characterised by howling guitars and thundering vocals. Hook filled melodies fill dark spaces soaked in reverb.

In this strange new world where MySpace had died and streaming wasn't ready to replace downloads just yet the band decided to give their debut to the world for free, at first as a free download through their website, and subsequently through Bandcamp.

Songs from the EP went on to be played on over 250 radio stations worldwide.

“Hold On is packed full of electrifying melodies"
– Oceanic Blue